PLAY! POP! GO! is a multi-platform creative endeavor helmed by Amber Park founded on the principle that the greatest utility is joy. PLAY! POP! GO! is an IP-driven project starring original characters and a unique gamified approach to brand storytelling. Each brand expression is intentionally designed to foster a community built upon social interaction, freedom of expression, inclusivity and diversity. In its first phase, the IP made its debut and was introduced through a consumer capsule, seamlessly blending a groundbreaking gamified approach with physical merchandise and immersive experiences. This encompassed physical streetwear, digital wearables, a captivating interactive digital user interface, as well as dynamic pop-up events and lively parties. Now, in its second phase, PLAY! POP! GO! is focused on entertainment media and IP licensing production. This currently includes the development of original content for film, television, and gaming.





Play! Pop! Go!